Psalm 139:7-12 (CEB)

7 Where could I go to get away from your spirit? Where could I go to escape your presence? 8 If I went up to heaven, you would be there. If I went down to the grave, you would be there too! 9 If I could fly on the wings of dawn, stopping to rest only on the far side of the ocean— 10 even there your hand would guide me; even there your strong hand would hold me tight! 11 If I said, “The darkness will definitely hide me; the light will become night around me,” 12 even then the darkness isn’t too dark for you! Nighttime would shine bright as day, because darkness is the same as light to you!   

John 11:41-42 (CEB)

41 So they removed the stone. Jesus looked up and said, “Father, thank you for hearing me. 42 I know you always hear me. I say this for the benefit of the crowd standing here so that they will believe that you sent me.”   

DEVOTION -Monica A. Andermann (New York)

Shirley, an acquaintance of mine, had been enjoying the solitude of a remote corner of a town park when she suddenly felt faint.  Quickly, she reached for her cell phone and dialed; yet she could not get a signal strong enough for the call to be completed.  As her vision faded to black, she cried out, “God, help me!”

Shirley woke up shortly afterward in the back of an ambulance on its way to the hospital.  At the moment she had lost consciousness, two emergency medical workers had arrived at the same corner of the park to eat their lunch.  What some call coincidence, Shirley calls an answer to prayer.

Sometimes we think we need to be in a specific place or to utter the proper prayers for God to hear us.  We don’t need a special signal to contact God.  Bo matter where we are, God is within reach.  When we call out to God, God listens.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God always hears our call.

PRAYER: Gracious Father, even the simplest prayer spoken in the remotest place reaches you.  Thank you for this sure and wonderful gift.  Amen.